Real estate mediation

MENARS REAL ESTATE – complete support throughout the process of selling or buying your property

We are a licenced agency which mediates in all kind of property transactions. Our services include:
  • Mediation in selling houses, flats, apartments and land
  • Mediation in selling business premises
  • Mediation in lease of business premises
  • Mediation in renting flats/houses
  • Business counceling in real estate transactions
  • Property advertising
If agreed, according to your needs, we can also organise some additional services such as:
  • Issuing energy certificate
  • Valuation of a property's market value
  • Property legalisation
  • Registration of all communal services
  • Legal services
  • Services of surveyors and plan designers

It is legaly possible to entrust mediation in property transactions only to certified mediators (firms registered to perform property mediation and recorded in the Register of mediators of the Croatian chamber of economy).

For a mediator to accept a property as one of his listings, he is legally obliged to conclude the written contract on mediation with the property's owners. The mediator will entrust the conduct of the mediation to his employee, the certified real estate agent.
One thing one should not do is entrust the mediation to companies or individuals not certified for mediation. Past experiences and the situation in real estate markets often show that among those individuals or companies there are those working illegaly, but also lawyers, public notaries, construction firms, banks etc. Be careful and don't let yourself be persuaded it is them who are certified or experts in the field. Those who are not recorded in the Registry of mediators of the Croatian chamber of economy and don't meet the legally prescribed requirements ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MEDIATE REAL ESTATE.